I find it so much easier to be creatively free at night. Daytime is for sleeping. Nighttime is the best time for making art. The later at night it gets the further into another world you go.

Mark Ryden (via an-art-gallery)




"Friedrich couldn’t help but chuckle trying to lighten the mood a little by saying "I’m afraid of heights believe it or not" he turned, carrying two cups of tea now. Both strawberry flavored with a spoon of sugar. 

The medic offered her, her cup, and took a sit on his own chair with his cup in hand, simply enjoying the slowly sipping warmth from the warm object, warming his hands and warding off the stinging chill that seemed to always been present in this base. But it was the chill that brought Friedrich here and made him stay. This was his home sweet home with Johannes on the opposite team. They were close and that was all that mattered at this point of his life. 

Friedrich perked up a little to the question, sipping at the tea for a moment “yes I have everything you may need for birth and birth control. I won’t pry, but if you need any, I can fetch them right away” he smiled lightly. No, having babies on base was absolutely a bad idea. Horrible idea! but he was not going to put his opinion into words. Every merc’ made their own choices after all. “And thank you Tessa, for understanding. You are one of a handful” he smiled warmly at her, sipping some more of his delicious tea.

It brought back memories of the medic who gave it to him. Ritter… And he was now gone. Though rumor say he’s just fine; simply elsewhere. 

She drank the tea and smied. “Well, it’s good to know it’s here.”  no way she was pregnant. Tessa was infertile and boy did that kill her. That was what she wanted the most, kids. That wasn’t going to happen.

Sipping the tea she looked at the birds shifting and cooing. Looking at the tin of cookies she lit another cigarette. “No worries, I get that a lot. Still, I maybe a handful but I’m stubborn and independent.”

Flicking the ash and watching the smoke coud form then dilute. “You like the cold here? ” she asked as a bird inched closer to her which made her smile.

Friedrich smiled in return and sipped his own coffee, not minding the shifting birds. He kept the small window up top open for them because they were wild pigeons. The one he had a long time ago were released… and seemed to have flocked back with new friends from the wilderness. But they were fairly independent so he didn’t mind them all that much. Got their own food. He only provided them with a few plates of water on the window frame. 

He nodded to the question, sipping at his tea before speaking up “I spent my entire life living in the coldest parts of Germany and later the world. I’ve grown used to it while serving on the front lines. And once you are used to the sights, sounds and feels of the nature and weather around you, it’s hard to change. I’ve requested to be stationed here simply because it makes me feel at home. The colder and whiter, the better I feel” he smiled. “Of course most of my team mates dislike me for that. they think i’m unnatural like that, and crazy for enjoying the crispy air. But what can I say? They can either cry about it or try to appreciate not being stuck somewhere like Badlands or Hoodoo. Lord knows i’d die from the heat alone” he cackled. 

khatmedic2 has entered the medbay!



"It’s quite alright" Friedrich chortled in reply to her seemingly socked response "Death out of respawn is something all of us have faced and will probably face more than once. Or well, one more time for old time’s sake and be done with it" he smiled.

No, Friedrich didn’t fear death. He welcomed it. But, he still had someone to live for, so his dreams of peace were delayed for a little longer. Not that he had any regrets about the matter. But, life did seem to change a whole lot in his eyes after that torturous month he spent with his hunters. “Ah, I thought Alfons may be involved” he cackled. Friedrich did remember that the two were good and close friends. “How is the man doing? I hope he’s still as good as I remember him being. Saved my arm back then when I was still out of respawn” Friedrich laughed.

He did have a scar from that incident. But it was a good memory he wouldn’t forget. 

That would be a negative. Never would she want that happen. Big giant no. She smiled uneasily. Death wasn’t fun. Not at all.

But that smile turned bright again when he talked more. “Oui!” Of course Alfons would be involved; he was the one she first met when she came here. “Well, ‘e is doing fantastic. And is still a life-saver too. We are..inseparable too.” Her face got a little red. 

Anna certainly didn’t know about that event. But now that she did, she wasn’t surprised. Typical Alfons.

"Oh?" Friedrich smiled wider and looked at her for a long moment. Of course the expression and the gentle blush on her cheeks spoke whole volumes about what she meant. But he still felt inclined to ask because you know, who doesn’t like sharing a bit of detail about their relationships with someone they both know ad appreciate.

"So am I to take it that the two of you…" he gestured a moment " are going out? I wouldn’t want to get ahead of myself, but if it is indeed so, then I hope the two of you will have the best coming out of it. I remember last time I visited he was all alone. Not bitter, but still lonely. I’m glad to see that may change for him now. The man deserves only the best to come his way" he nodded "And yourself, Anna" Their little fight was far too old to hold as a grudge anymore. And Friedrich let go of it.

They were, after all, even. And there seemed to be a change in the woman, hopefully for the better. But seeing as she may be with Alfons now, he did not doubt it. The man had a heart of gold. 


Khatmedic2 asked: 

Friedrich wouldn’t usually go through the effort or traveling thousands of miles through the teleport with his current state. People were just coming to him because walking was at the moment not the best thing to do. But for this particular person [Johannes aside], he would. And he was, standing in front of the soldier quarter’s door and giving it three knocks, waiting patiently for it to be opened.

The door remained closed. There was simply no one on the other side to open it for him. There was however multiple footsteps coming down the hall; a small gaggle of soldiers, all about half the other man’s age, walking down. They chattered amongst themselves like birds, hands going up to adjust their helmets and motioning out to accent a specific word. They all looked excited and eager though when one caught a glance at the BLU just standing there the smile would drop into a confused gape. Whether from not seeing a BLU or just seeing one in their base no one could tell though maybe in some younger, more ridiculous thought it could’ve been because he was so much older than them. No one really sees a man with a cane running around on a battlefield. 

The younger men and women passed without incident, all minding their own business or just not even noticing him as they went which was relieving to the man following shortly behind them, smiling at the little cluster of young adults but even more at the sight of the medic. With them disappearing around the corner and out of sight, Thunder stopped by Friedrich’s side, taking a quick look at him. 

“You’re standing!” He grinned wide. “Didn’t think that would be possible so soon.” He teased sincerely, placing a warm, solid hand on the medic’s shoulder.

Opening the door to his quarters, he motioned the other in, tucking the key safely back into his pocket. “I hope Johannes wan’t too upset with my disappearance. The Administration just randomly decided that now was the time to add more units to our base. I had to catalog the bots and make room for the new recruits. Not to mention cleaning up and even just finding the necessary materials for fifty more people.” Thunder grinned, wide and proud of his efforts so far as he sat himself on his bed, despite his back and feet aching and eyes just a bit bagged, hidden under the helmet. “It’s all been so hectic, I haven’t had the time to relax at all but I’m just so excited to get started too.” 

The soldier was quick to gesture to his desk chair if the other didn’t want to sit on his bed with him, humming as he quickly looked around for a cushion of sort for it to be easier for Friedrich to sit. He decidedly gave up in the end, shaking his head before focusing his full attention to the medic. “I hope you’ve been doing alright.” He offered a genuine smile, small but heartfelt. “Wouldn’t ever forgive myself if you just fell over because of me and my carelessness.”

Friedrich was not entirely prepared for the scenario, not receiving an answer from the man he was going to visit and now being faced with a whole group of soldiers! He loved his soldiers, there was never a doubt about that. However those seemed to be just as baffled about what to do with the standing obstacle as he was about how to react to them. Technically they were enemies… however they didn’t seem to be going for his throat just yet. Which was… surprising. Not that he was going to even fight them. What were the odds? one on 10? That was suicide right there, so he simply stared at them pass, standing as still as a stone with only his eyes darting from one face to another.

Finally they have passed and he sighed, feeling his heart nearly jumping out of his chest from the sheer excitement of the unpredictable, and having it cool down again when Thunder finally came close behind them,  observing him with that smug little smile of his. “Of course i’m standing! But I won’t be soon enough. You’re trying to give me a heart attack with all these fellas?” he  pointed with a thumb at the direction the pack has went and disappeared behind the corner. “They act as if they have never seen a Blu” Friedrich finally remarked, sighing again and leaning onto his cane while Thunder opened the door and ushered them both inside.

He watched him fuss around the little room for a very long moment, seemingly looking for something until the look of frustration crossed his face and Friedrich laughed, shaking his head and heading towards the bed with him. As soon as they both sat down, he put away his cane and proceeded to hug the man’s middle, seemingly clinging to him like an old friend who missed another. “Don’t worry about that old oaf. He’s never angry about anything. Plus that only meant he had more alone time with me, which mind you, he’s always happy about” Friedrich cackled and closed his eyes “I’m fine, and I hope that so are you. But seeing as how round you’ve become I can only guess you’re more than alright” of course he was joking, but Thunder did feel bigger than he remembered.

Or maybe it was Friedrich being out of everything for far too long. “I’ve missed you so much” he admitted, pulling away and smiling at him “See, I even went all this way to come and hug you. And there are very few who I’d bother to do that for. Especially looking like this and facing the danger of possibly being stomped by 10 soldiers!” he laughed and grinned. It was good to see his friend again. 


freeglassart sent: You may get asked this a lot, so please excuse my ignorance - but how do you go about constructing character expressions and body language and such? Thanks!


Besides The Basics (construction of heads and skulls and muscles and skeletons and how they move), I’ll go over some things I’ve been trying to work on myself lately:

1. Treat expressions as a single gesture of the face/head, as opposed to a head and then individual features dumped on a plate and arranged into an expression.

First, just get down the big shapes of your expression, just like you would for a pose.  

So say I wanna do a low angle angry pose.  I know the features are gonna be all mashed down at the bottom because of perspective.

 Scribble it down


start to put on features


fix stuff


put on more stuff


fix stuff again


erasing and flipping and stuff a whole bunch until you are happy with it or stop caring

Whole head is a gesture!image


2. Just like a facial expression, jot down where the important parts of an entire pose goes first.  You can force the rest of the body to fit the pose.

So here I knew I wanted the shoulders tilted a certain direction, and te hand to be in that particular position in front of her face. 




That’s the simplest explanation I got.  Don’t be afraid to push and pull faces and bodies around! Worry about being “on model” last!


Being a budding digital artist is a tough game. 

Break and Enter


“I’m so close,” the Engineer had insisted every night. “There’s just something I’m missin’ here. It’s gotta be right under my nose.”

“Maybe we’re lookin’ in the wrong place, then.”

“What do you think we should do?”

“You’ve kept track of those numbers, you have the parts that worked and the parts that didn’t. You need something to fill in the gaps.”

“We tried that already, Sol’.”

“We don’t have anyone on our team who’s close enough, you said,” he says. “But the RED team might.”

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RED Handed


It’s only midnight when the Scout returns to the Medbay, but the Medic already has his head mashed against the desk, breathing deep and heavy with sleep.

Ani hangs the saw gently, it chimes against its brothers. Bauer stirs, but doesn’t make a sound. Encouraged by his success, the Scout creeps to the cabinet once more, turning the key. The Medic turns in his sleep and Ani freezes; his hand is caught in the cookie jar.

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Ani is patient the next battle, saw pressing to his back through the fabric of his satchel as he crouches in the dark areas of the bases, waiting to pounce.

One of Charlie’s careful rockets blasts the Medic and the Heavy apart, and the Scout sees his chance. He scrambles over the sand and up to the battlements, dropping through the grating in the floor just as Ulyana enters the base.

“Lights out, Ruski,” he snarls, winding up with his bat.

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Tools of the Trade


The weight of the Scout’s promise to the Medic hounds him for weeks; he feels fingers in his chest every time the Medic crosses his path. Ani remembers his own words, shrieked in desperate bravado as the Medic cleaved through his leg.

He owes the Kraut a beating.

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Devil’s Spoke


Gavin had cut a new bow back at Sawmill, and there was nothing wrong with it, not really, but it doesn’t feel like his.  

The Administrator had given them a day off, and the Sniper had taken his jeep and his backpack deep into the desert. He knows what he’s looking for.

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I’m Thinking It’s A Sign


After an easy, Friday afternoon victory, Gavin is practically vibrating with pent-up energy. He cleans his equipment, makes a dozen new arrows, goes for a walk. He finds a small blue flower in a patch of scrub and plucks it up.

Amelia is in her office, cooing to her doves as she plows doggedly through her paperwork. Gavin knocks on the open door, and she waves him in with a bright smile.

"What is it this time?" she teases good naturedly.

"Heartbreak," he moans, producing the flower with a flourish and tucking it behind her ear. "You’re too damn gorgeous," he murmurs. "I miss you during the day." Gavin tilts her chin up, kissing her gently.

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Jesus fucking Christ, was this what her mother went through?

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An Unfortunate Discovery


She awoke with a start, feeling too lethargic and nauseous to sit up.  Indie licked her cheek with a nervous whine, and very carefully moved her fluffy body off of Catty’s chest.  She gave the dog a scratch behind the ears, but she continued to whine.  Slowly, ever so slowly, Catty slid out of bed, body fighting her all the way while she thought about the sickness she had been developing the past week or so.

Every morning, she felt the same way, too tired and sick to reasonably get out of bed, and during the day she felt bloated and dizzy.   It made her wonder…  Her mission, and more importantly to her symptoms, her late-night escapade with Ani, were about a month and a half behind her now.  Could it be…

No.  I was careful. We were careful.  I made sure of that.  But…

Could it hurt to check?

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